If you have started a fitness journey you may understand the struggle to stay motivated throughout the process. Staying motivated in your fitness journey is essential to maintaining this kind of lifestyle and achieving the results you want.

Maybe, you simply want to have more energy, or maybe you want to lose a lot of weight. Either way your mindset has to be in the right place so you don’t give up after a few days. 

Making the decision to exercise often, eat healthier and take care of yourself may seem like the best decision of all time when you make it and the worst decision of all time when it’s time to start doing it. Nonetheless, living a healthier life will have a great impact in the long run. Here are 10 tips on how to stay motivated in your fitness journey:


  1. Write down your goals

writing down fitness goals

My number one tip is always to write down your goals. (Preferably writing them down with a pen on a notebook.) When you put all of your intentions and goals on paper it gives them a whole new perspective. 

Go ahead and write down a plan with all the details you’re going to need to be able to reach your goals. Determine how many times you’ll be going to the gym, ot going for a run, or doing a yoga class. Exemplify your meals, and what you want them to be like. Schedule rest days and relaxation times, your body will thank you later. 

By having such a detail-oriented plan you’ll be able to see more clearly what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. 


  1. Train with a friend


Whether you’re doing cardio or strength training, if you are lacking motivation make a change and train with a friend. Find someone who likes doing the same kind of exercise routine, make a commitment and train together with this person. It can even be a group of 3 or 4 people. 

The point here is that even if you don’t like exercising you’ll go to your training sessions just to be with your friend. This way, you’re less likely to skip on those massively important gym sessions for a coffee date since you’ll be hanging out with this person anyway.

Make sure the friend you choose to do this with stays motivated and actually wants to join in your fitness routine. You’ll both get fitter and healthier.


  1. Go to a group gym class

fitness journey

If cardio sessions like running or jogging, or strength training aren’t for you, then try a group class at the gym. Working out in a group setting with an instructor telling you exactly what you should do gives you a lot more motivation to move than you might think.

Usually these classes are extremely fun, done with loud catchy music playing, just following the rhythm. There are plenty of classes to choose from, ranging from spinning, to bodycombat, zumba, dancing. You can do what you like the most in a group environment.

The reason behind why this works in giving you motivation is because you’ll feel bad if you don’t do it. As soon as you walk through the door of the studio/room and the instructor turns on the playlist you have no way out. You’ll be super ready to push through your limits and do the exercises properly in a class like this, from the fear of what people will think if you just stop right through the middle of the set. 

It may seem bad to think like this, but this is probably the only moment you can think of where your need for approval may actually work in your favor.


  1. Hire a coach

If group classes don’t work out for you, then it’s time to ask for help. Hiring a coach, or a personal trainer isn’t a bad thing. You’ve acknowledged you have to improve but can’t do it on your own. Asking for help and hiring a trainer is the best thing you can do for yourself if you can’t do it alone.

Even if you are able to do it alone or with group classes, hiring a coach can be a huge factor in your motivation to work out. This will be someone who is there for you and understands what you are going through and can help you the right way. 

A coach will usually give you some nutrition guidelines and fitness advice. This is extremely helpful coming from someone who has a lot of experience in the matter, and could be the factor for you to achieve your goals faster. 


  1. Buy fitness related products

fitness watch

If instead of spending your money elsewhere, you choose to buy some new fitness related products like gym clothes or shoes, you may get a motivation boost. This is a great way to motivate yourself to workout since you’ll want to try on and wear your new clothes. 

But it doesn’t just have to be new gym clothes or shoes. This can vary from water bottles, supplements, protein powders, fitness watches, headbands, gym gloves, sports bras, a new gym bag, etc.

When you buy these kind of items you’ll be as excited as ever to get some good use out of them. This way you’ll even more motivated to step into the gym the next day.


  1. Switch up your workouts

fitness journey

If you are having a hard time staying motivated in your fitness journey, and feel tired of the same routine every day, then switch it up. Switching up your workouts can make you feel extremely good and excited for something new. 

You can even do extreme changes like: if you’re used to running everyday try a yoga class, if you are used to doing strength training everyday try a dance class, if you are only doing cardio daily try to do a pilates session. 

This way you’ll always have something new to try, and maybe you’ll fall in love with it.


  1. Have someone close to you keep you accountable

Talk to your friends and family about your goals. Tell them what you want to achieve and ask them for their help. Make sure they are holding you accountable and ensuring your success.

Whenever you feel like binge eating or skipping the gym someone close to you will notice and will motivate you into doing the right thing. If you live alone this can be harder to achieve because you will have no one watching over you. If this is the case then call a friend when you don’t feel like going to the gym, or call your mom when you want to binge. They’ll make sure you’re making all the right choices for your goals.


  1. Reflect on what you’ve done so far

fitness journey

If you’ve started this fitness journey long enough ago to see results, but you still don’t see a tremendous change, them don’t lose focus now. Reflect on what you’ve already done and how much you’ve changed.

Notice your energy levels, your mood, how your clothes fit you, the way you look, how much better you feel, and take all of those facts into consideration as to why you want to keep doing this. Use your why as motivation to keep going. 

Take a few photos to compare, write down on your journal and get inspired.


  1. Reward yourself

If you have persevered for a few weeks and are now feeling bored and unmotivated, reward yourself for your amazing work. You should always recognise what you’ve done and feel proud of it. It’s not easy to make the decision to start a fitness journey. 

Reward yourself for your efforts. Take yourself out for a nice coffee, buy some good clothes, enjoy some popcorn at the movies, etc. Whatever you love doing will be fine. Make sure you always keep in mind you’re doing it because you deserve it.


  1. Take it easy

If you have tried to be motivated but nothing is working then maybe you need to take a step back and relax. You may be trying to accomplish too much all at once. High expectations and overpacked plans can ruin your mindset going into this since you’ll feel like you need to work super hard to get to your goals.

It’s okay to take longer than you think to reach your goals. You have to do this gradually for your body to get accustomed to the changes. A lifestyle change can’t happen overnight. Don’t expect to be able to go to the gym 7 days a week when you’ve got no experience. It’ll be too much for you. Take it easy and let things flow naturally. You’ll even feel less anxious about it if you let yourself relax a bit more.


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