It may be hard to stay inside when it’s raining outside. It can be so depressing, especially after a long tough week. However, you can take this day and turn it into something better, in a way that leaves you feeling happy and energized, or rested.


Here are 11 self-care activities for you to do on rainy days:


If you’re feeling tired, fatigued, your skin is dry and breaking out, and you feel like the past week hit you like a bus, then go for something like this:

  1. Catch up on sleep


When you are sleep deprived, your body can’t function properly. Your anxiety spikes up, your good mood goes out the window, and your energy levels are completely depleted. Nothing productive or enjoyable can come out of a sleep deprived brain. Use this day to focus on yourself and nap the afternoon away. Transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary if you need to. Light some candles, spray some lavender scent, use clean sheets, clean pyjamas, make sure everything is perfect for a great deep restful sleep. You’ll feel a thousand times better when you wake up.

  1. Home Spa Day


If you don’t want to take a nap or catch up on sleep because you don’t want to disrupt your sleeping patterns then go for a home spa day. This is the best time to take care of your body the way it deserves. Take a big bubble bath and relax. Wash your hair and put a mask on. Do a small at home facial with a good cleansing, hydrating and rejuvenating routine. Add a sheet mask to that routine to make removal easier and less troublesome.

Give yourself a massage and relax. Listen to calming music and enjoy the day.


If you feel like you’re losing track of your to-do list and it’s causing you anxiety because there is so much to do, try these:


  1. Organize your home


When you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t get anything done, it can be due to an unorganised environment. When everything around you is cluttered you feel the same way. On a rainy day you can always try to organize the parts of your home that are needing it most. Especially the ones you spend most of your time in. You’ll feel a lot better after everything is put in its place, and your home feels like a peaceful haven again.

  1. Do some laundry


Just like organizing your home, this is a seriously important activity to do on a day like this. How many loads of laundry are you behind on? Do you have any clothes left to wear in your closet? If you’ve been working all week and haven’t remembered to put a load on, then you may need to catch up on your laundry duties.

Having clean clothes in your closet ready for you to pick out every morning feels so damn nice. Do your laundry now so you can enjoy the peace of mind of not having to worry about it afterwards.


If you are feeling uninspired and in need of motivation try one of these:


  1. Read a good book


Sit down to read a good book. Reading a book, either a fictional or non-fictional one, can inspire us and motivate us to get up and do more in our lives. Even for the sheer entertainment, reading a good book can make you happier and make you daydream. I personally love good non-fictional books that can help in any part of my life. If you want a recommendation, choose The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma.

  1. Learn something new


If you are uninspired and unmotivated, you may need a breath of fresh air in your life. Try learning something new. But don’t stick to simple things like arts and crafts. I mean learning a new skill that can be valuable to your future. Something like coding, or playing a musical instrument, or learning about finances. Make it count this time. It can inspire you to do what you need to do, and even give you a new perspective of what you want out of life.


If you are in need to move and release some serotonin, if you feel like you’re out of physical energy and need a little kick, then try these:


  1. Workout


Go for a workout, it is never a bad idea to break a sweat. Working out does wonders for your body and your mind. Besides being a great help in losing weight, it also tones up your muscles, and gives you better posture. When you work out you release serotonin and norepinephrine, which can boost your mood and prevent anxiety and depression. Additionally, by working out you release endorphins which are known to make you feel less pain and be happier. Also, a good workout when done regularly can make your energy levels go up and improve your metabolism.

If you’re home and don’t know what to do on a rainy day, go for a good workout and you’ll feel so much more energized afterwards.

  1. Do Yoga & Meditate


Yoga can be a great way to get moving. It can tone up your muscles, help you relax, boost your metabolism, it’ll help you sleep better, etc. After a yoga session you can always follow it up with some meditation. This way you’ll get the added benefits of the light workout, with the relaxation and peacefulness of the meditation.


If you are feeling bored and alone, maybe all you need is some social activities to get you feeling excited again. If so, try these ones:


  1. Have a movie night


Make some popcorn, have a few drinks ready and two or three movies lined up. You can either spend this time alone, or make it better by inviting some friends over. When it’s raining outside but you still want to have some fun you can always get people together and arrange an epic movie night. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards, and you’ll actually have some fun!

  1. Cook a delicious meal


If you enjoy cooking and making a delicious meal why not do it in a day like this? Invite your friends over or make it just for you and your partner. Either way, preparing a night like this is a whole lot of fun. Just make sure you do it together! You can even try to make a special dessert like a dewey chocolate cake and finish it off with a warm winter drink like a spiked hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  1. Host a game night


If cooking isn’t for you, and watching movies will just leave you even more bored, then arrange a game night. Get yourself a few board games and invite a few friends. Make sure you have enough snacks and drinks for everyone and just have fun!


If you have any other great tips on what to do on a rainy day let me know!