It’s a given fact that sugar is a big cause of our health problems. It can cause obesity, skin problems, spike your insulin levels, lead to diabetes and cholesterol, etc. The worst may be that it acts like a drug to your brain. When you have too much sugar the dopamine released in your brain can cause you to become addicted to it.

By cutting out sugar from your diet, or at least cutting down a bit, you can lower your anxiety and depression, prevent your teeth from rotting away, lower your blood pressure and all the other issues mentioned above.

How is sugar processed in the body?

Sugar is broken down into glucose as it reaches the small intestine, this is then released into the bloodstream and later onto your muscles and nerve cells. Our bodies are constantly monitoring our blood sugar levels as a way to know how much insulin to produce. When you overeat sugar, then you cause an imbalance in your body that can lead to diabetes. To know more about this, check out this post What Happens To Our Body An Hour After Eating Sugar.


  1. Plan your meals

Why planning?

When you plan your meals, ou skip the take away boxes. This means that you can control what ingredients are added to your meals, and cut out sugar. When you meal prep your whole week’s worth of food in one batch you save time and prevent the trip to the nearest fast food place.

How to do it?

Start by making a list of everything that you want to eat during the week, then make a grocery list. You must use fresh ingredients, no processed sauces or easy meals. Think about it up to the tiniest detail like snacks and beverages. Make sure you have something good to eat that’s also healthy and low on sugar.


  1. Substitute sugar for alternatives

Instead of using sugar, try switching it up for other sweeteners that aren’t as bad for you. If you want to keep it calorie-free then try Stevia, if you love sugar and want something as similar as you can get, then maybe try honey.

What are the alternatives available?

There are a ton of alternatives out there that you may not be aware of. Some sugar alternatives may be more expensive than others but I’m sure you can find something great to help get that sugar addiction under control. If you want to see over 30 alternatives check out this post 30 Sugar Substitutes For Any And Every Possible Situation.


  1. Be careful with “Healthy” processed foods

When you see an item that says “Light” or “Zero Calories” it’s never a good option nor a healthy one.

What and why are these foods processed?

When a regular food item is made “light” it usually means that the sugar has been removed to an extent but some other ingredient has been added to make it just as flavoured. This way you can end up putting even worse ingredients in your body than sugar which can harm your health even more.

What to eat instead?

Instead have healthy good choices made with fresh ingredients with no added sugars or processed ingredients. If you want more ideas on this try these 5 Easy Healthy Snacks to Carry On The Go.


  1. Take good quality supplements

What does your body need?

There are a series of vitamins you need in your body to feel good. The lack of these vitamins can make you crave sugar and sweets even more, which will make it harder for you to overcome your sugar addiction. When you’re just starting the journey to cut down on sugar, you may be in need of vitamins and nutrients from the bad diet you’ve been having. So, you should be taking good quality supplements to aid in this period.

What basic supplements should you be taking?

If you want to kick start this journey of cutting down sugar invest in a good multivitamin and a probiotic. If you want to know more about this topic check out this post about 4 Essential Supplements Everyone Should Take.


  1. Remove all sugar from your home

Why should you remove all sugary treats?

When you remove sugar and sugary treats from your home you will be less inclined to eating them. To remove sugar from your cabinets and pantry you’ll need to look for more than what meets the eye. You need to carefully read labels, like we’ve mentioned, some ‘healthy’ foods are so processed that you’re still putting sugar and bad ingredients in your body.

Remove all processed foods and beverages from your pantry, and do it out of love and respect for yourself. Living in a house without temptation is a blessing if you are trying to cut down your sugar intake.

And next time you go grocery shopping don’t buy it again. Keep away from the cart items like candy, cookies, cereal, sodas, pastries, etc.

Do you have any other tips to cut down your sugar intake?