The benefits of having a strong core are many. Working out your abs can boost your health and body image in many levels. Maybe you don’t believe me, but a set of abs can do more for your body than just making you look good. We don’t often think about how much we could change our everyday lives if only we had a strong core. 

Most people usually want a flat tummy instead of a strong set of muscles. You may have heard all about easy simple hacks to lose belly fat, like apple cider vinegar, or weight loss teas and special pills. This gives you the illusion that you don’t have to work for it. However, working out and reach a fitness level where you have a strong core that can support your body throughout the day is much more important.

It is necessary to acknowledge that it’s not just about losing weight, but building a strong body to help you maintain a good shape, a good posture and prevent possible injuries.

There are many benefits to defining and strengthening your abs, even if you’ve never thought about it before. Whether you are deeply interested in this or just curious, here are 7 health benefits of having a strong core:


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Boosts your balance

First, building and maintaining a strong core boosts your overall balance. Your core supports your alignment, which helps you in everyday tasks. Your core is your center of gravity, if it is strong it can help you improve your equilibrium. This way you’ll be better at doing yoga poses that require balance, or walking faster, or even just taking the groceries inside.

However, you want a good equilibrium/balance for more than just that. This will prevent you from falling or injuring yourself in adverse situations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to carry groceries up the stairs to my apartment and almost fell due to my lack of balance. It’s not just your arms that need strength to pick stuff up, you also need a strong center of gravity in order to be able to carry heavier items. Of course, this also affects how you walk. If you don’t have enough balance, it may be harder to walk faster or at all.


Improves your breathing

At the top of your core is the diaphragm, which plays an essential role in breathing. Particularly in deep breathing which can help you relax better. Having a strong core also means having a better trained diaphragm. This way, working out your core can have a great effect on your breathing, leaving you feeling lighter and with more energy since you’re getting more oxygen in your body. If you want to start meditating, having an easier time breathing deeply is extremely important. 

benefits of having a strong core


Improves digestion

Another benefit of having a strong core is improved digestion. When you do ab workouts not only are you strengthening your core, but you are also massaging your inner organs. By compressing and stretching your digestive organs, you are helping your system function better. You’ll get better bowel movements, you’ll let go of some unwanted gas and bloating. You’ll feel lighter overall. This not only helps your digestion but also helps in optimizing your metabolism and cleansing your body. If you build a strong set of abs you’ll likely burn more calories without an extra effort. Your metabolic rate will go up due to this extra calorie burn and better digestion. Your body will cleanse better and you’ll feel so much lighter.


Improves your heart health

The belly fat you see is only 90% of it. There is an extra 10% of belly fat that is being stored in between your abdominal wall and your organs. This is called visceral fat. Visceral fat is extremely dangerous since it can be linked to major health problems. Having excess visceral fat can lead to coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, diabetes, etc. The best way to reduce this fat drastically is to reduce your overall fat percentage and building up your core muscles. While everyone has different body compositions, most people with belly fat will have visceral fat. Building a strong core means getting rid of this excess fat to live a healthier life.Take special note in this if you have any heart problems already. You can easily make them worse if you don’t do something about this issue.

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Helps you have better posture

The muscles in your core go all the way to your back. This means when you strengthen your core you are also strengthening the muscles in your back. By having such support on your back, your body is more able to support your spine the way it needs to be supported. This will make you have better posture by making you sit up straight most of the time. You need good posture so you can prevent spine injuries and back problems. Bad posture affects how you walk, how you feel, how much back pain you have, and it exerts too much tension on your spine making you more susceptible to injuries. Building a strong set of muscles all around your core can have a tremendous impact on your posture. This is another great benefits of having a strong core.


Helps with back pain

Doing ab workouts and strengthening your core is a huge game-changer when it comes to your back. As I mentioned before, your core muscles include your abs and your back muscles. Building these not only helps you keep a better posture but it also helps with your back pain. Having core muscles supporting your back keeps it in place and in its aligned position. This prevents you from putting yourself in poses that will hurt you. You’ll feel less tense and you won’t have as much back pain since your muscles won’t be pressured into unnatural positions that could result in painful nodules. The massages you’ll need to get to fix your back pain problems will hurt much more than working on your back muscles.

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Builds your confidence

Of course, the benefits of having a strong core aren’t just about all the health benefits attached to it. It is also about how you look and how that makes you feel. Having a strong core means you’ll have less belly fat. Which in turn, is amazing at boosting your confidence. It is totally normal to feel less confident about being in a swimsuit when you have belly fat. Although you should feel confident in your body, having a healthy and fit core will make you feel a lot happier and more sure of yourself.

Now it’s time to actually do something about it. If you want to implement changes in your health, do it consistently just 5-10 minutes a day until you get used to it and can increase those workouts.

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