If you are feeling any of these symptoms in your body, you may be consuming too much salt. Check out if any of these 7 signs are happening to you!


  1. You’re constantly thirsty

We must have some salt intake every day to help maintain water balance in our bodies. An important aspect of salt, a.k.a. sodium, is it plays a big role in how our bodies balance fluid. Sodium helps to maintain the fluid in our cells. When you eat too much salt, you get thirsty because your body is telling you that there isn’t enough water in your body to support the high levels of sodium.

  1. You’re bloated all the time

When you eat salty meals, you are increasing the levels of sodium in your body. This will create a fluid imbalance in the body because as you increase sodium you’ll get thirsty and try to replenish the levels of water in your system. When you try to balance things out, cells will start to release water into the bloodstream causing you to bloat like crazy. Especially in the belly area.


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  1. Your food tastes bland

The more salt you add to your food the more salt you’re going to need next time to get the same delicious taste. When your body gets used to having more salt, your taste buds get dull and your food starts to taste bland. You may not even recognise how much you’re actually consuming since you can’t taste it in your food. Try to decrease your salt salt intake so that your taste buds can get back to normal.

  1. You have headaches frequently

If you get mild headaches frequently then you might want to put the blame on salt. When you eat too much salt, it causes blood vessels in your brain to expand. This, in turn, creates a dehydration-induced headache. Try to cut down on salt to see some improvements.

  1. Your brain is foggy, it is hard to focus

Although this might have many other factors and causes, it can definitely be attributed to excessive salt consumption. When you consume too much salt, your body can be induced to dehydration, which in turn can cause you to lose focus and feel confused. If this is causing any stress or trouble in your everyday life, set an appointment with your doctor to get to the root of the problem.


  1. Your body is swelling up

When you eat too much salt your body holds onto more water than usual to try to balance out the excess sodium. This water retention in the system causes your body to swell up. If you feel like your fingers are too swollen to fit in your rings, your undereyes are puffy, or your ankles feel like they’re twice the normal size, then you should cut down on the salt.

  1. You have high blood pressure

High levels of sodium lead to water retention, as we’ve seen before. This makes your cells release water into the bloodstream in an attempt to balance out fluids. When this happens, it also increases the volume of your blood. The extra blood pushes against blood vessel walls, leading to high blood pressure. This can be a huge problem since it is often only noticed by the time it has damaged your health. The best way to tackle it is with prevention. Cut down on the salt and avoid a heart attack.