These are the top 7 worst things you can do after a workout:


Not stretching

After a workout, especially after a strength training workout, you should always stretch your body. I understand that this can be overlooked unintentionally, however, we should give it a hell of a lot more importance in our fitness routines. Stretching after a workout loosens up your muscles that have previously been tensed and stressed out by weight lifting. When your muscles are constantly being contracted something called lactic acid builds up in them. This can cause fatigue. Stretching can help you release some of that lactic acid. 

Stretching has many benefits to your body. Neglecting this step after a workout is one of the worst things you can do.


Not eating

You need to refuel your body after a workout to help with building your muscles and regain a lot of the energy that you lost. If you can’t do this, you’ll be throwing away all your efforts of building lean muscle mass. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, lean muscle mass is needed to keep your metabolic rate up throughout the day. One pound of lean muscle can burn three times as many calories as one pound of fat. Eating a protein rich and nutrient dense meal can help your body recover and build muscle mass. Also, eating something a meal that includes carbohydrates, like bananas or oats, can help you regain the energy you just spent during your workout.


Not Hydrating Properly

When you workout, either if it is a strength training or a short run, you sweat and lose fluids. If you don’t hydrate yourself properly then your body is going to start to notice the loss in fluids and electrolytes, and you’ll start feeling terribly bad. Besides hydrating yourself throughout the workout, which is extremely important, you need to drink water to replenish your body after you finish your session. Being dehydrated is extremely dangerous. If you want to learn more about dehydration, you can read this article:

After your workout, try to drink 2 to 3 glasses of water to stay hydrated. Also, skip the sports drinks since they are filled with sugar and empty calories. 


Not Getting Proper Rest

When you don’t rest after a workout you don’t give your body enough time to recover. This results in you wearing off your body too much in your next workout. You may like to do short or easy workouts so you feel as if you don’t need recovery. Or you may like to go to the gym at night, not get to bed on time and sleep a lot less hours than you should to get to work on time. Not sleeping enough, or not resting your body can make you extremely tired in the long run and give you negative results when it comes to your fitness goals.


Eating an unhealthy calorie bomb

You need to refuel your body with food after a workout. But it should never ever be an unhealthy calorie bomb. Choosing to eat whatever you want just because you worked out does not help you in any way. Losing weight, fat or build muscle mass all have one thing in common and that is it all starts with a right diet. Sure you can have a few cheat meals here and there. But after you workout your body is yearning for vitamins, nutrients and energy. When you put unhealthy food in your body in these moments, it is turned immediately into fat. Try going for a protein smoothie, a good batch of oatmeal pancakes, or a banana. Whatever you choose, make sure it is healthy and can give your body what it needs.


Staying in your gym clothes

If you don’t change your gym clothes after you workout then you are making a big mistake. When you stay in your gym sweaty clothes you lead the way for bacteria and infection into your skin. When combine the sweat and friction of the clothes to your skin, problems like skin rashes, acne, or yeast infections can appear. Besides, when you stay in those clothes even after you’ve cooled down, the cold sweat in them can also give you a deep chill and make you feel sick. If you don’t have time to shower, then at least change your clothes into new dry and clean ones. 


You become a couch potato

Although this is probably the least important one, it still deserves a spot in this list. If you workout and decide to not do anything else for the rest of the day after that, you’ve made a bad decision. It is important that you give your body time to recover but it should be an active recovery. Light activity can help you keep your blood moving and speeding up the recovery in your muscles. Don’t just become a couch potato after you workout. Even if you feel tired after an intense training session, get up, walk around or do something that doesn’t require a lot of effort.