For a long time I struggled with my sleeping patterns. I just couldn’t seem to get used to a morning schedule. I went to bed late and woke up late, therefore had no time to do what I wanted to do with my days.

So many of you suffer from this. You don’t sleep at night, only rest your eyes. You may be anxious, which makes you stay up late in bed at night wondering through your thoughts. At the same time, you can simply be making some mistakes in your night routine to prevent you from having a good night’ sleep.

  1. Go to bed early

You’ve probably heard this over and over again. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. If you want to wake up earlier tomorrow, don’t sacrifice how many hours you need to sleep by going to bed at the wrong time. Going to bed early sets you up for a good sleep.

A mistake we make sometimes is to try to wake up at 5 a.m. suddenly and completely out of habit. Although the shock may be beneficial for some people, it will most likely be harmful to most. Instead, change your sleeping schedule gradually every day until you reach your goal. Increase by 30 minutes each day your alarm in the morning, and your bedtime at night.

  1. Have a night time routine, to put you into sleep mode

Not everyone is capable of sleeping on demand. Most of us aren’t sleepy by the time we are supposed to go to bed. And that is totally normal, if you don’t have to wake up early and instead stay up late watching movies or shows. It’s not always easy to fall asleep when we are living such busy and stressful lives. Light up some candles, bring out the oil diffuser and spray some lavender in your room. 

All of these can help you warm up to the idea of sleep. But the most important thing to include in your routine has to do with lighting. Our brains can’t sleep when it’s bright out, we are wired to be awake with the sun and be asleep when the sun goes down. By keep bright lights in your house past sunset hours you’re keeping your brain awake for longer than usual. Switch off computer lights, bright lights and your phone at least one hour before bedtime. When you eliminate all distractions, you give your brain a chance to relax and focus on winding down. You’ll feel sleepier in no time!

  1. Prepare your clothes the night before

If you’re the type of person who struggles to get ready fast in the morning you should try to eliminate those struggles by choosing your outfit the night before. Decision fatigue can make you less productive throughout the day. By making too many decisions tha early in the day, even if they’re small and irrelevant, it can pretty much set you up for failure on a daily basis. Take your time at night to choose something you love to wear so you can jump start your morning in a positive way.

  1. Buy an alarm clock

Here’s the problem with using your phone as your alarm: every time it goes off you press the snooze option. It’s easier to press snooze than to wake up and get out of bed. I understand perfectly, since I’ve been to a point where I hit snooze time and time again and did not even remember it. I was so asleep that my body moved without me realising it, resulting in me being late, obviously. Buy and alarm clock! Get a good and loud one and put it on the other side of the room. It will make sure you get up to go turn it off. Once you’re up and awake, you can move to the next challenge, which is not going back to bed again!

Another issue with using your phone as your alarm is that even if you do wake up, you’ll be less likely to get up right away since you will be tempted to scroll on your social media accounts, which can result in hours lost anyway.

  1. Sleep with your blinds open

Let the sunshine in! When you wake up in a dark room, your brain tells you it’s time to go back to sleep. Instead, sleep with the bling open and wake up as the sun rises. You’ll feel twice as much more inclined to get up and enjoy the day. 

  1. Have a glass of water by your side

Put a glass of water on your bedside table every night to help you jump start your system when you wake up in the morning. It’s good for you to start your day with a glass of fresh water since it kick starts your metabolism and makes you more awake. By having it ready next to you, you eliminate the decision to go grab it in the morning.

  1. Have a plan for your day

Why should you wake up earlier if there’s really nothing scheduled for you to do? Well, you might have a bunch of things you would like to do in your free time, but if you don’t set a time for them, you’ll never get around to do them. If you want to be productive every day then you need to use your time wisely. Plan your day ahead with details and timetables. It’ll be much easier to wake up in the morning if you know what you have to do.

  1. Set a realistic hour to wake up

Last but not least, set a realistic wake up time. If you’re going to bed every night at 3 a.m. because of your job then you can’t expect to wake up at 6 a.m. feeling refreshed and well rested. Always aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Even if you can, don’t change your schedule drastically either. Instead do it step by step until you reach your goal. 

Waking up at 5 a.m. can be easy, if you are used to falling asleep around 9 p.m. and that takes practise. Keep working on it and you’ll have more time for yourself.