For whatever reason, you’ want to know how to get motivated to start working out again. Maybe it’s because you want to lose weight or you want to tone up your body and change the way you look. It can also be a way to boost up your energy levels, since you’re probably feeling a little too tired to begin with.

How are going to get motivated to start working out again?

But motivation isn’t easy to get, and even worse to maintain during your fitness journey. Sometimes our desire to change something about ourselves isn’t enough to actually get us started on those actions.

This is because you begin to anticipate how hard it’s going to be to actually change. As humans we don’t like change that much. It’s natural to escape it. However, to reach our goals we must sacrifice and gain new habits.


Why it is important?

Working out can be the single best thing you’ll ever do for your body and mind, second to eating healthy.

When you work out, your body releases endorphins. These interact with receptors in your brain making you less perceptible to pain. Endorphins also make you happier, lift your mood and make you feel like you have a new positive perspective on life.

Endorphins also work as sedatives. These can make you feel less stressed, calmer, help you sleep better, reduce anxiety and depression, etc.

Breaking a sweat is amazing for your mind and body not only for the endorphin release, but also for all the other benefits that come with it. You’ll have a lot more energy, it’ll strengthen your heart, you’ll reduce body fat and strengthen your muscles. And! You’ll look amazing!

What is the best workout for you?

If just the thought of working out freaks you out. Maybe you’re looking at it the wrong way.

While working out can be exhausting, it can also be fun.

And if you’re having a hard time starting then this is where you should focus on. Having a workout regimen that you love and have tremendous fun in is the number one way to make sure you’ll came back for a second session.

The only way to find something you love is to try it out. So, go to a bunch of different sessions, classes, try doing it alone versus in a group, etc., until you have it figured out.


How do you properly work out?

Now, this is important as well. How do you usually work out? Are you considering a short light workout? Do you want to avoid cardio? Do you like long sessions with a lot of impact and intensity?

Let me help you out: Workouts can be short and intense or long and relaxed. If you have been taking 10 minute walks for over 3 months now and haven’t seen any changes, maybe you either need to prolong the walk or start running.

This advice comes from two main reasons:

  1. You need to sweat. If you don’t get your heart rate up you’re not going to reap the health benefits from it and burn off the calories you need to see results.
  2. You need to release endorphins. All the benefits of feeling relaxed and happy after a workout come from this, and you’re not going to achieve this if you don’t get your heart rate up. (Just like nº1)

Here are some tips to get you motivated to start working out again:


  1. Put on your workout gear

Whether you’re just waking up or it’s already the middle of the day, putting on your workout gear will make you feel inspired and motivated to get moving.

This is because you are actively eliminating an obstacle from your way. The trick here is to set yourself up for success. By putting on your workout clothes you’ll feel a lot more inclined to actually do something since you’re already set.

  1. Listen to music

If you don’t like working out, maybe it’s because you get too distracted during your workout and can’t focus. Try listening to upbeat music everytime you decide to go for a training session. This works especially well when you’re doing cardio, since it’s a mental help to make you push through it.

You’ve probably heard before that quote “mind over matter”. This is an extremely important help to your workouts. When you’re in the mood to train hard, you will do it, because when you want it bad enough you’ll find a way but when you don’t want it you’ll find an excuse.

Listen to music while working out to get you in that mood.


  1. Listen to a podcast/audiobook

If music can’t help you become motivated, try listening to a podcast or an audiobook that can help you focus on your session. However, this can be used in two different ways.

You can either listen to something motivating and inspiring that gives you a new perspective on why you’re putting yourself through this process. Or you can listen to something that distracts you and makes time fly by without you even noticing helping you finish your workout and move on with your day.

Now, these two options have different results. The first can make you work harder, while the last can make you relax a little during your training. Whichever way you want to go with, listening to something like an audiobook or a podcast can help you push through your workouts!

  1. Compete with yourself

Set a few performance goals, like how much weight you can lift, how many crunches you can do or how fast can you run a certain length. Then, try to achieve these goals and keep on improving them. Compete with yourself and always try to do better.

Instead of focusing on the scale, or on how you look, or how hard the workout is, focus on how much better you are getting performance wise. By striving to do better every time, your focus will be on timing yourself, and counting your moves, and pushing through a hard exercise just to prove to yourself you can do it. Do you know how powerful that is?

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  1. Compete with others

If you’re not one to compete with yourself and don’t care about performance (or don’t want to care), then compete with other people. Get a group of friends all on the same journey and set a common goal. Try to compete and reach that goal faster than anyone else in the group.

You can reward yourselves at the end of the journey, and the one who reaches their goal faster gets a free dinner for example. The point here is to turn this journey into a game to make it easier on your mind.

Sometimes motivation to lose weight isn’t enough. When you’re working out, you may even discard your reasons in the first place just as an excuse so you don’t have to push through. But when you turn it into a game and compete with other people, achieving a certain fitness level is a lot easier mentally.


  1. Join group classes

If working out on your own doesn’t cut it, because you’re not working hard enough, try a group class. At most local gyms you can attend these amazing group classes, that can range from spinning cardio sessions to bodypump, to body toning classes. You can even try more relaxed classes like yoga or pilates.

The good thing about trying these kind of classes is that you won’t stop midway through your workout. Why? Well, imagine you’re in the middle of a class and there’s 25 people in the studio. Everyone is doing push-ups. You are doing them as well but feel like your arms are feeling tired. Are you really going to stop and risk feeling the judgement from your peers? No!

I know that you’re not supposed to care about what everyone else thinks of you, and I do agree with that line of thought, but not when it comes to this. This is the only time your need of approval can actually work in your favor. (Of course, if you’re getting hurt, have a muscle cramp, or any special condition that forbids you from doing certain exercises, please just stop and take a break)

  1. Prepare your bag the night before

If you are having trouble getting motivated to start working out again, set yourself up for success by getting everything you need ready the day before. The less obstacles you have on your way the better. Preparing your gym bag the night before can have a tremendous impact on how often you go to the gym.

This crucial step makes it so much easier to take action when motivation hits. Try incorporating this habit in your daily lifestyle. The next time you think to yourself “I should go to the gym today!” you won’t second guess it since all you need to do is pick up the bag and go.


  1. Reward yourself with washing your hair only on days you workout

This tip may seem a bit odd. However, if you only wash your hair on days you go to the gym you’ll feel a lot more inclined to go since skipping the gym means dirty hair.

You don’t have to do this all the time, but try it out if you’re having a lot of trouble staying consistent in going to the gym.

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  1. Go slow and build a habit first

Of all these tips, this is the one you need to give most importance to. Training and working out and losing weight are all things you need to get used to. You can’t just wake up one day and decide you are going to eat healthy and go to the gym every single day until you lose the weight you want to. You’ll get over it extremely fast, I mean, you may not even make it through the first week.

Go slow and build a habit. Change your lifestyle in order to achieve the fitness goals you want. You can build a habit in 21 days, according to science. Try sticking to going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week and eating healthy for 70% of your meals, don’t overeat, and keep it up for 21 days. Once you’ve built the healthy habits you need, you can take it up a notch and go full on healthy eating and working out 4 times a week, etc.

The only way you can sustain such a lifestyle is to get used to it and create new healthy habits. And this is how you’ll get motivated to start working out again.


  1. Track your successes

Once you start to get used to your new workouts you may find yourself feeling unmotivated again. To prevent this, track every little victory you have in a journal. After a couple of weeks of consistency you may already see results and these should be written down on your journal. Losing weight is hard. It’s not easy skipping the ice cream and going for a run instead of watching a movie, especially after a long day of work. 

But when you track your successes and your victories, it’ll make it a lot more worth it. This is such a good way to find new motivation to continue your journey.

If you are having any trouble getting back on track, let me know!

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